About Us

Kinks and Konversation is a brand made up of 2 besties, Sheena and Jazmine who have been friends since grade school. We are both Aries and always had similar goals as far as business and financial independence.

Jazmine is a licensed realtor and child behavior specialist with twin two year olds and a preteen princess. Sheena has her BSN and works in a Philly hospital as a “pool” nurse or a floater. Sheena has a 4 year old and he is quite enough for now. 

We had several business ideas and kept hitting walls. Necessary walls, walls that we knew were there to steer us into a better direction. We believe in manifesting our goals and finding comfort in the mindset that what is for us is for us.

While redirecting after losing another business during the initial COVID 19 surge, Sheena went viral for a comical video that encouraged citizen to “stay their asses home” to reduce the spread of the virus. At that time we decided we just wanted to sell things we liked.

We found masks that we actually liked and that were comfortable, so we sold them. Then we designed t-shirts that we actually liked and thought were so comfortable, so we sold them. This brand is truly US! We design and sell items that we actually wear and enjoy wearing, whether it’s a comfy shirt or a bomb necklace.

We hope that you feel as beautiful and comfortable as we do when you wear any item from us! Please feel free to drop a review or contact us when we make you smile!